Gift Certificates are Here!

an image of our gift certificateWe have our new gift certificates in, just in time to meet the holiday season. We know that, given the choice between a Wal-Mart gift card, and one of our beautiful little certificates, there is simply no choice at all.

Go ahead and pick one up for your best friend, girlfriend, brother, sister or uncle Vito.  Make it out for any amount you like, from $10.00 (an earring) to $5,000.00 (a sleeve tattoo and our eternal love), and then hand it over to the giftee.  They bring it to us, and we will turn it into some of the finest tattoos you can get in Vermont!

As always, our tattoos and piercings come with the most friendly, professional and experienced staff here in Vermont.  We are all very passionate about our work, and dedicated to producing top-notch ink – with an emphasis on great service to our clientele.