Clean Practices for Tattooing

by: Jesse Fowler

In my set-up, I use a modified method with the valued input from old-timers and modern medical information sources and methods.  Here I will walk through the process I use in order to prevent cross-contamination during the procedure itself.

  1. I use a diluted Tincure of Green Soap in a laboratory wash bottle to cleanse the skin.  I do not use spray bottles, as the force of the spray might also disperse the blood or bacteria on the skin throughout the work area. Continue reading


Every tattoo or piercing studio in the state of Vermont is required to disclose certain information about its practices, personnel, as well as general information regarding disease transmission and prevention to its prospective clients.

We are doing so at the studio in compliance with the state regulations, however we thought it might be informative to our web-using clients and window shoppers as well. I have included this information here to promote the most educated clients possible; you cannot have too much information before getting a tattoo or piercing.  Do be sure to look this information over when you come in to our shop, along with our portfolios; it’s also suggested that you do the same in any other studio you enter.  It is there for your safety and education.

Parts of this information are contained in articles on this page, however, the artist bios are located in ‘The Crew’ section. Please take a minute to look them over, and get to know us a little better.