Goodbye Sinz! We will miss you as well.

Another artist from VC has left us again.  Chasing the summer weather, Mr. Sinz has packed up, and escaped the impending winter weather, for Myrtle Beach.  We will miss you Sir and the many wonderful things that made you an integral part of our tattooing family; your tastefully inappropriate jokes, both racist and sexist, the well timed bodily excretions in and around the shop, the high pitched sucking sounds of your attempts to dislodge food out of your bridge, the jovial rocking from toe to heel as you stood in front of the small flat screen in VC as you watched Food Network, completely entranced by how they glazed doughnuts and filled Boston Creams.

And though we know you will be coming back frequently for guest spots and friendly visits, we can’t help think you will leave a hole in our hearts much to large to fill.  We shall miss you.