Mike Helz

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Mike Helz is a Boston bred artist. He was born and raised in Dorchester, Massachusetts. His humble beginnings of being a self taught artist came from drawing or copying album covers as a young boy… learning from repeatedly drawing Eddie, the mascot of Iron Maiden. Mike Helz has been tattooing since 1995.

Mike Helz has been featured in four books, hailing him as an iconic figure in the graffiti scenes from Boston to Denver. The most notable book featuring Mike Helz is a book out of Brooklyn, NY named “SKINGRAFF.” “SKINGRAFF” is the very first published book on the subject of graffiti artists who also became tattoo artists.

Though Helz is a versatile artist, his favorite styles are the macabre, dark, horror, and black and grey work. He is also an avid snowboarder and his art has made the transition into the snowboard industry. He has done work for NXTZ and has had his graffiti featured on Flow Snowboard’s 2008 Flow Quantum board (pro model).